Source-code used in this blog is now available

Hi everyone,

I’ve just created a project at google.code to host the source-code of examples in this blog.

Check it out at

I use Tortoise to access the SVN repository.

As I keep posting I will be updating the sources at google.code.

If anyone has trouble accessing it I will be willing to help.

Update: I’m not using SVN at anymore. From now on I will be hosting projects on and code samples on



Hello world!

Yes, hello world!

Not only I finally created a blog but also almost 3 months later I edited the hello world post due to lack of time and motivation to do so. Well here I am doing what I should have been done long time ago..sharing my thoughts with the world.

I’ll be writing about software engineering most of the time since that’s my job and what I’ve studied.

Hopefully I’ll write about music bands I listen, movies I watch and books I read, so stay tuned!