My name is Manuel Felício, I’m portuguese and I moved to London by mid 2015.

I’m a full-stack software developer who started working in the industry since 2007.

In 2008 I obtained a graduation degree in Engenharia Informática e de Computadores at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa. In 2012 I obtained a masters degree in Engenharia Informática e de Computadores and completed my academic training which has been focused in software engineering.

In the last couple of years I’ve been working in high performant scalable systems and I developed even more interest on backend technologies, messaging patterns and scalable architectures.

I have a vast experience in the .NET stack, and I’m a big fan of Redis, ZeroMQ and Golang.

The Blog..

I created this blog to share with the world some knowledge I’ve gotten from my experience and dedication in software engineering. I hope this blog serves a purpose and helps someone else, as other blogs I read help me too.