Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and Symbian sooner than we think?

While MIX10 is taking place, it is expected that Microsoft anounces a Silverlight beta release along with developer tools for Symbian (running on Nokia S60 5th Edition platform, source) and also for Windows Phone 7 series.

I’ve been developing web app’s since I’ve started my career but I had the chance to develop some mobile app’s as well, and I gotta tell you, for me developing for mobile devices is very challenging and much more interesting than web app’s. 

I really enjoy .NET Compact Framework but when you want to do some cool UX stuff it’s a pain in the butt.

Last couple of years I’ve been working mostly with Silverlight/WPF and I’ve been waiting for a Silverlight release for Windows Mobile 7 (now called Windows Phone 7 series) for a long time.

I can’t wait until I start developing for mobile devices with Silverlight, and now being able to target Symbian devices as well it feels like the cherry on top of the cake.

On a side note, I’ll be attending Microsoft’s technology event in Portugal, Techdays 2010 on 20th,21st,22nd of April, and I’ll be most interested on Architecture, Web/UX, Mobility and Cloud sessions. I hope everyone has a chance to participate!


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